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Valet Amplifiers come ready to connect to an Amazon Input or Dot (Second Generation.) Simply order the Valet Trim Kit with either an in-ceiling or in-wall mounting solution and attach a CAT-6 to our balun to enjoy all the material you can access via Alexa through your architectural loudspeakers.

Wall Mount

As with the ceiling mount, the Valet VDWM kit will host an Amazon Input or Echo Gen. 2 in the same space a double gang box would take in your walls. This makes it a sleek solution for replacing an outdated music distribution system by using existing CAT-5 wiring. It's also an excellent choice for adding voice-control with physical device accessibility into any space with architectural loudspeakers.

A close up of a wall mount for the Amazon Echo Dot
Valet In-Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount

If you want an even more invisible way to add voice control to any room, a Valet In-Ceiling Mount is an excellent choice. With the ability to mimic 5", 8", and 10" in-ceiling loudspeakers in aesthetic, it simply blends into the ceiling. Best of all, the power and audio transfer is handled discreetly by the AV850 amplifier behind the scenes. This allows you to fully enjoy your Amazon sources with never before heard clarity.

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