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As Origin Acoustics has grown to become an industry leader in the residential audio space, we’ve made a lot of friends that share our passion for custom integration and pushing the boundary. Driven by a passion to simplify acoustic integration, we’ve partnered up with elite companies to extend into the commercial landscape with the same great care and promise to deliver dependable products that have come to be expected.

Origin Acoustics
Professional Series

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Origin Acoustics

Professional Series

In-Ceiling Series

Our In-Ceiling Collection goes above and beyond the competition with integrator friendly features and overall musicality. Each model is a 2-way loudspeaker with a pivoting silk DPSD™ tweeter, utilizing Origin’s patented Multi-Motion Pivot™ for superior aiming and dispersion. With an integrated conduit lock, heavy-duty dog-ears, and secure euro-block connections, this series is ready for installation into even the most challenging commercial environments. Black and white, low-profile paintable grilles reduce ceiling visibility and are available in square or round.

Woofer8” IMPP6 ½” IMPP5 ¼” IMPP8” IMPP
Tweeter1” Silk DSPD™ MMP™1” Silk DSPD™ MMP™¾” Silk DSPD™ MMP™n/a
Power Handling (Program Power)120W80W60W200W
Freq. Response (-10db)41Hz-20kHz50Hz-20kHz54Hz-20kHz39Hz-250Hz
Nominal Coverage Angle100 Degree Conical115 Degree Conical120 Degree Conical180 Degree Conical Coverage
Sensitivity @1m92dB91dB89dB91dB
Rated Maximum SPL112dB108dB106dB110dB
Rated Impedance
Transformer Taps70V - 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W
100V - 60W, 30W, 15W
70V - 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W
100V - 60W, 30W, 15W
70V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W
100V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W
70V -100W, 50W, 25W, 12.5W
100W - 100W, 50W, 25W
Diameter11 1/4” (286mm)9 5/8” (244mm) 8 1/4” (210mm)11 1/4” (286mm)
Cutout Diameter10 1/2” (266mm)8 13/16” (224mm) 7 1/2” (190mm)10 1/2” (266mm)
Grille Diameter11 5/8” (296mm)10” (254mm) 8 11/16” (220mm)11 5/8” (296mm)
Mounting Depth9 1/2” (242mm) 8” (202mm)8” (202mm)9 1/2” (242mm)
FeatureMetal Can, Zinc PlatedMetal Can, Zinc PlatedMetal Can, Zinc PlatedMetal Can, Zinc Plated

Pendant Series

By far the boldest loudspeaker available at its price point, our Commercial Collection Pendants provide superior bass and dispersion in an ultra-modern enclosure. The secret is our rear-facing tuned bass radiator that virtually doubles the cabinet size when it comes to low-end reproduction. We have the same premium transformers and silk DPSD ™ tweeters as the rest of our Commercial collection, ensuring a smooth, consistent sonic signature for all of your installs, regardless of style or placement. They come standard in black and white with three woofer/tweeter compliments and one subwoofer.

Woofer8” Polypropylene 61/2” Polypropylene5 ¼” Polypropylene8” Polypropylene
Tweeter1” Silk DSPD™ MMP™1” Silk DSPD™ MMP™1” Silk DSPD™ MMP™n/a
Power Handling (Program Power)200 Watts130 Watts100 Watts200 Watts
Freq. Response (-10db)42Hz-20kHz50Hz-20kHz57Hz-20kHz40Hz-250Hz
Nominal Coverage Angle110 Degree Conical120 Degree Conical120 Degree Conical180 Degree Conical
Sensitivity @1m90dB88dB87dB90dB
Rated Maximum SPL110dB108dB105dB110dB
Rated Impedance8Ω Nominal8Ω Nominal8Ω Nominal8Ω Nominal
Transformer Taps70V - 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W
100V - 60W, 30W, 15W
70V - 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W
100V - 60W, 30W, 15W
70V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W
100V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W
70V -120W, 60W, 30W, 15W
100V - 120W, 60W, 30W
Diameter10” (254mm) 8 1/4” (210mm) 6 11/16” (170mm) 10” (254mm)
Length16 1/4” (412mm)12 5/16” (313mm) 10 1/2” (267mm)16 1/4” (412mm)
Feature8” Passive Radiator 6 1/2” Passive Radiator 5” Passive Radiator 8” Passive Radiator
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack, WhiteBlack, WhiteBlack, White

Surface Mount Series

Leave it up to our Weather Resistant POM mount to ensure these on-walls are always ideally aimed towards the action. These commercial on-wall loudspeakers come with X and Y-axis pivoting, to orientate the sound as desired. Better yet, they’re IPX4 rated for toughness, feature high-resolution aluminum tweeters, and are available in black or white finishes.

Woofer8” IMPP6 ½” IMPP5 ¼” IMPP
Tweeter1'' Aluminum1'' Aluminum1'' Aluminum
Power Handling (Program Power)120W80W60W
Freq. Response (-10db)42Hz-20kHz45Hz-20kHz55Hz-20kHz
Nominal Coverage Angle70° Horizontal, 70° Vertical100° Horizontal, 50° Vertical100° Horizontal, 50° Vertical
Sensitivity @1m92dB92dB89dB
Rated Maximum SPL107dB106dB105dB
Rated Impedance8Ω / 70V8Ω / 70V8Ω / 70V
Transformer Taps70V - 80W, 40W, 20W, 10W
100V - 80W, 40W, 20W
70V - 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W
100V - 60W, 30W, 15W
70V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W
100V - 30W, 15W, 7.5W
Dimensions9 1/2'' W x 9 3/16'' D x 14'' H
(241 W x 233 D x 355 H mm)
15'' (381 mm) H with bracket
7 7/8'' W x 8'' D x 12 1/4'' H
(200 W x 203 D x 311 H mm)
13 1/4'' (336 mm) H with bracket
6 3/4'' W x 7'' D x 10'' H
(171 W x 178 D x 254 H mm)
11'' (279 mm) H with bracket
ColorsBlack/ WhiteBlack/ WhiteBlack/ White

Ambisonic Systems

Professional Outdoor Audio

6.5HD & 6.5HD2 Series

Crafted in the USA with a majority domestic and European parts, the HD series is versatile and modular. Available as singles or double-stacked, they incorporate a high-quality Italian woofer and proprietary magnetic planar driver within a petite, sturdy weatherized cabinet, ready for installation outdoors in the landscape or on a wall.

Both as single units or condensed line-arrays, the HD6.5 loudspeaker family is the choice for the most demanding installations worldwide. From homes in Malibu to resorts in Dubai, these speakers are found only where the highest performance is guaranteed.

Custom Line Arrays

Ambinsonic Systems’ blend of experience, training, and advanced modeling software allows their world-class acoustic engineering team to design transcendent speaker arrays. The planar drivers are easy to listen to for extended periods, even at high sound pressure levels. This innate feature of ribbon tweeters make the HD Line Arrays (HDLA) an amazing choice for venues, clubs, churches, even outdoor stages.

Origin Acoustics has teamed with Ambinsonic Systems to introduce a comprehensive landscape design service that can be requested by completing our Landscape Design Request Form.

Landscape Ribbon Speakers

Born for the elements, made to sound otherworldly. The Landscape Ribbon (LSR) is the first primarily residential loudspeaker developed by Ambisonic Systems. With a custom weatherized planar tweeter and a neodymium driver, these speakers are never harsh, even at full volume. Plus, you can push them as loud as you want, they’re built for that.

The Landscape Ribbon Six (LSR6) and Landscape Ribbon Eight (LSR8) are deceptively loud for their small size and format. It’s because they contain our audiophile-grade weatherized magnetic planar driver, which is one of a kind, unavailable elsewhere. This high-frequency driver is expertly voiced with a woven glass-fiber woofer to produce clear, eloquent audio reproduction at any volume. The final product is weather-ready, IPx5 rated, and is available both in 8-ohm and with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on-board.

Passive Subwoofer

The Ambisonic Systems subwoofers are appropriate for the club, a small venue, and your backyard. Using only the finest Italian woofers and patented 100/70v transformers, these models can produce surprisingly low frequencies, even at lesser volumes.

These subwoofers use the same European drivers and precise cabinet configurations for both our above and below surface subwoofers. With AES ratings up to 1000W and robust, weatherized finishes, these USA crafted models are as durable as they are remarkable.

Professional Amplifiers

Hassle Free Dependable Power

DSP3-700 Amplifier

Designing a system with the DSP3-700 is a breeze. With a selection of DSP presets preloaded to match every outdoor speaker in our arsenal, the set-up is as easy as selecting the one that’s right for your design configuration. Or, with a total of 64 presets, you can customize and store settings for each specific project should you choose. Independent settings can be assigned to each of the three channels, which can then be used to sum or play either the left and right inputs.

Artnovian & Kuietly

Acoustic Room Treatment Solutions

Why Do I Need Sound Treatment?

Even with the best speakers, the room you install them in will invariably change and color the sound. That is why proper absorption and diffusion is critical. With Artnovion’s easy theater design service, you can tastefully enhance any space for truly better acoustics.

Artnovion combines the tradition of European design with the best of 21st-century technology. A convenient smartphone app will acoustically map your listening area, and our team of dedicated audio engineers will interpret that data into a blueprint for your beautifully designed theater.

Origin Acoustics has teamed with Artnovion acoustics to introduce a comprehensive theater design service that can be requested by completing our Distributed Design Request Form.

Kuietly provides carefully designed products that combine acoustic technology with contemporary aesthetics for creative solutions to better workplaces. They source recycled and sustainable materials for all of their product.


Kuietly Products:


Advanced WiFi & Networking

M4250 Series Switches


An entirely new series of switches developed and engineered for the growing audio, video over IP (AV over IP) market. These AV Line switches combine years of networking expertise with best practices from leading experts in the professional AV market.

As video transitions to running over an IP network versus direct cabling or even HDBaseT, there are many things to consider. The new AV Line incorporates NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ for flawless video over IP (including audio and control).

If you are using Dante or AVB in your audio deployment, you can trust that NETGEAR’s new AV Line switches are designed to seamlessly integrate into your solution. Easy to use, easy to manage.

The new M4250 AV interface presents the common AV controls right up front with user-selectable profiles for common AV platforms making it a snap to ensure the settings are correct for a specific audio or video application.

Commercial Access Points


Pro WiFi line of products with the latest in WiFi 6 and 6E technology

  • Ultimate speed and capacity with WiFi 6

  • Enterprise level security with WPA3 and 8 separate wireless networks (SSIDs)

  • High speed and easy wiring with a 2.5GbE port with PoE

  • Mesh capabilities for seamless roaming and highly scalable coverage areas

  • Monitor and manage your network from anywhere with NETGEAR Insight, a user-friendly cloud monitoring and management cloud portal and app

The Origin Advantage.

A blend of incredible sound quality and artistic design is what sets the loudspeakers at Origin apart. Having created the first, modern, in-wall speaker in 1976, the team at Origin has spent decades perfecting the concept. Today you can enjoy the result of this effort as we apply the most advanced technologies and materials to recreate music with unparalleled fidelity. The ability to fit larger speakers in smaller spaces and then pivot the speaker to focus the sound at the listening area are only two of the many innovations our engineers have pioneered. All of this happens behind a discreet grille that blends into your décor and delivers incredible sonic performance that appears to originate from thin air. Fill your life with the finest music and be confident in the fact that your speakers will continue to do so for years to come.

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