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The Origin Bollard Loudspeaker

What does the perfect outdoor party sound like? Rock & roll? Thumping bass? Or would you prefer a quiet afternoon reading in the sunlight, soft ballads drifting through the air? The Bollard Loudspeaker is designed for both, to deliver a beautiful listening experience. From its high-quality aluminum enclosure to its far-reaching 360-degree acoustic lens, the Bollard was purpose built to bring amazing audio and aesthetics into your landscape.

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Extend Your Reach.

Origin Acoustic's Seasons Landscape Speakers are built to withstand heat, cold, rain, snow, and anything else you can throw at them. In any atmosphere, they sound great.

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Hidden in the Garden.

You don't need to show these speakers off. You just need to turn them on. You'll be amazed at the bass response from our burial and patio subwoofers. Best of all, you'll never see them.

Augmented Amplification

Our DSP3-700 Amplifier blows away the competition. With 700 watts per channel at 70v or 8Ω and digital signal processing, no one else has an amp like this. Dedicate one channel to your subwoofers, and then run stereo satellites for as far as you can see. Or run all three channels in mono and really extend your reach into the largest yards. The choice is yours, with the DSP3-700.

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You've Got Options.

Along side the Seasons Landscape Collection, we also offer the Acoustic Landscape Collection. Designed to run off any 8Ω amplifier or receiver, you can add these speakers to just about any existing system.

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Feeling Lost?

We offer in-depth landscape design services. Amaze your clients and ensure the best possible sound coverage. Let us design your next outdoor installation.

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The Origin Advantage.

A blend of incredible sound quality and artistic design is what sets the loudspeakers at Origin apart. Having created the first, modern, in-wall speaker in 1976, the team at Origin has spent decades perfecting the concept. Today you can enjoy the result of this effort as we apply the most advanced technologies and materials to recreate music with unparalleled fidelity. The ability to fit larger speakers in smaller spaces and then pivot the speaker to focus the sound at the listening area are only two of the many innovations our engineers have pioneered. All of this happens behind a discreet grille that blends into your décor and delivers incredible sonic performance that appears to originate from thin air. Fill your life with the finest music and be confident in the fact that your speakers will continue to do so for years to come.

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