A1250 Distributed Audio Amplifier

12 Channel Amplifier featuring 6 individual zones, global input, enclosed in a sleek 2U design.

600w Total Power

12 Channels, Six Zones

Global and Local Inputs

Auto-Sense On



Bridged for More Power.

Each channel has 50w of power, you can bridge any zone and increase that input to 100w. This distributed audio amplifier is a workhorse for your next installation. With automation and protection circuits, you can easily tie this into a control system and feel confident it will go the distance.

12v for Control.

All of our distributed audio amplifiers can be set in place, dialed-in, and then forgotten about. They are woken out of standby mode either by sensing an audio signal or a 12-volt signal from your control system. So once configured, there’s no need to ever even look at them again. They also have a 12-volt output to trigger other items inline, if needed.

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Analog Input

Unbalanced RCA Per Zone
Unbalanced RCA Global

Digital Input

Stereo Global Optical

Power Output

50w per Channel at 6-ohm

A1250 Manual


Amplifier Datasheet