ProSource Dealer Program 2024

Program Date: 1/1/2024 – 12/31/24 

Program – Origin Acoustics

Upon completion of an “ ProSource Dealer Program” dealer may be placed in anticipated “Program Tier” based on commitment.  Program will automatically adjust (annually) if member purchases at a higher or lower level.  


OA Perks

  • No credit card processing fees 
  • Free ground shipping 
  • All Owned, Partner, Supported Products count toward program qualifying tiers 
  • Automatic “Passport to Paradise” annual incentive trip enrollment 
  • Free Origin In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speaker upgrade for 5 Speakers per quarter 
  • OA Model Home Program 


LevelCommitted Dollars"Owned Discount""Partner Discount"*Terms
1$20,0005%N/ANet 30
2$35,0007%N/ANet 30
3$50,0009%1%3% 30 Net 45
4$65,00011%2%3% 30 Net 45
5$80,00013%3%3% 30 Net 45
6$95,00015%4%3% 30 Net 45
7$110,00017%5%3% 30 Net 45

*Terms are subject to Origin Acoustics Credit Approval 

ALL of your purchases from Origin’s OWNED brand portfolio will carry an improved discount tier:

  • Origin Acoustics
  • Ambisonic Systems
  • Origin Pro
  • B&O X OA (co-branded) Architectural Audio
  • Lighting Leaf


We have also curated some great new PARTNER brands.  These purchases will be discounted on our partner discount tier:

  • WiiM & WiiMCI
  • Artnovion


All Brands purchased will count towards your annual goal and discount level!

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