Origin Now Shipping, and the Company is Kinda Normal

Origin Acoustics is Now Shipping, and the Company is Kinda Normal

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Jeremy Burkhardt’s company Origin Acoustics is now shipping over 50 models in the Director, Producer and Composer collection, ranging in price from $200 to $3,200 per pair. And the company is kind of like … normal.

CEDIA 2014 for Jeremy Burkhardt’s Origin Acoustics was more about product than personality.
Just eight months after announcing the new speaker company Origin Acoustics, Jeremy Burkhardt and team are now shipping products. That’s quite a feat in this business, where product shipments often lag long behind launch dates. Origin demonstrated products to select dealers in June and made its public debut at CEDIA Expo 2014 in September, so shipping products by year-end is truly something. Shipping now are over 50 models in Origin’s Director, Producer and Composer collections, ranging in price from $200 to $3,200 per pair. While we’ve seen the same ol’ Burkhardt enthusiasm from his SpeakerCraft days, much of his famous exuberance has been replaced by a serious attention to business. CEDIA for Origin was decidedly subdued, with a modest but classy listening room (below), and traditional speaker displays.Instead of flamboyance, CEDIA attendees were treated to the nerdiness of audio engineer and co-founder Ed Haas. Burkhardt has been spending his time on the road, meeting with dealers, teaching them about better business practices. As for product, Origin touts several innovations including “more bass in less space,” toolless installation, sexier grilles that obscure the speaker’s black innards, and the patented Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm (DPSD), “an advanced suspension system that allows the tweeter to play louder, cleaner and with greater articulation, squeezing every last detail out of your recordings.”For Origin articles, videos and more, visit the company’s landing page on CEPro.com.
No half-naked dancers, but CEDIA attendees got some Ed Haase (right) engineering action.     image What?! An understated listening room? – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – JULIE JACOBSON
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