The Director Collection

Details Matter.

We live in the details. As the only speaker manufacturer solely dedicated to architectural audio, we’ve developed the Director Collection to exceed your requirements in a way no other company could. This collection was designed and voiced in Eugene, Oregon by the team who developed the first in-ceiling speakers over forty years ago. Each part is intentionally graceful, functional, and contributes to the larger whole. The advancements of the Director Collection are unique to Origin Acoustics, and can only be found in our products. The speakers install into smaller cut-outs. We’ve chosen to use premium materials like Kevlar or Glassfiber, to ensure long lasting clear audio. The unique tool-less installation system makes upgrading to whole home audio quick and easy. And our speakers have the most flexibility in aiming, ensuring you will always hear the audio as it was intended.

If you need more than basic, you need Origin Acoustics Director Collection.

Origin Exclusives

Explore Our Technology

Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm™

This unique tweeter significantly enhances dispersion of high frequencies. The DPSD tweeter’s dual suspension design improves clarity, even at high volume.

Compression Molded Woofer Baskets

Using the most advanced materials and injection molding techniques, these baskets outperform typical stamped or cast baskets in their rigidity and integrate with the driver’s suspension to improve linear travel and low-frequency definition.

X-Wave Surround®

Our unique surround of the woofer absorbs unwanted resonance. This feature provides cleaner, punchier bass.

Tool-less Installation

14 different models fit into the 6 and 8 inch bayonet ring allowing for incredible variety in price and performance levels. Decisions don’t have to be made until the final installation. A ring and grille can hold the place for the speaker that then takes only seconds to install.

Tri-Linear Configuration®

The Tri-Linear Configuration stacks our DSPD tweeter and mid-range woofer together in an ultra-flexible pivoting pair. They crown the woofer, finishing the our speaker off beautifully.

Multi-Motion Pivot®

Our Tri-Linear Configuration allows our speakers to have the most pivot of any architectural speaker. Aim the sound from ceiling right to your listening area.

Levels of Performance

All Origin Acoustics speakers series have sonically matched performance. Each performance level has been expertly tuned so that no matter where the speakers are installed you will have crisp, clear, and consistent sound across zones.

Nine Series - Articulate

Black Kevlar Woofers | Silk DPSD Tweeters

Our most deluxe speaker series. The black Kevlar woofer provides an amazing response both in sensitivity and loudness. Couple that with our Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm, and the difference becomes clearly heard.

Available Diameters

Seven Series - Precise

Black Glassfiber Woofers | Silk DPSD Tweeters

An excellent choice. Exotic yet practical. This model combines world class clarity with Origin Acoustics advanced features. This series is a good choice for both audiophiles and those who want to take their listening experience to the next level.

Available Diameters

Five Series - Refined

Injection Molded Graphite Woofers | Silk DPSD Tweeters

The Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm absolutely sets this speaker apart from it's contemporaries. The super transparent frequency response of IMG brings chest shaking low-end and smooth midrange for a finish like none other.

Available Diameters

Three Series - Balanced

Injection Molded Graphite Woofers | Aluminum Tweeters

The practical friend who is always there. Loud, clear, and silky. For when high quality sound and affordability are both a priority.

Available Diameters

One Series - Fundamental

Polypropylene Woofers | Silk Tweeters

Every great journey begins somewhere. These speakers are an amazing introduction into architectural audio. And with Origin Acoustics tool-less installation system, an upgrade is only a quarter-turn away.

Available Diameters

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