In-ceiling loudspeakers that sound like they're right in front of you.


In case you haven’t gathered this already, I was extremely impressed by these loudspeakers.

The imaging (raised as it was) came over spectacularly, and the soundstage was impressively wide and deep.

It’s a total win... I can’t wait to spend more time listening to this system

Sounds Human

We are Origin Acoustics. Performance loudspeakers with a high-fidelity heritage, practically invisible aesthetics, and a commitment to genuine acoustic beauty.

We believe that astounding audio is the home’s beating heart. As musicians and film-makers have poured their souls into their craft, so have we into ours. We strive to bring you the fullest experience, as intended by their creators. The minute nuance, that’s where you can find us, in the details.


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Ceiling Loudspeakers

These are the next generation of architectural loudspeakers. The Director Collection outperforms competitors everywhere it counts. From the imaging to install, these speakers impress. We pivot further, crossover lower, finishing smoother than any design that has come before. All of these advancements boil down to one thing, listener delight. Each time you fire these up, you’ll smile, you’ll engage, you’ll become engrossed. The Director Collection builds on our heritage and opens the door to your future entertainment.

Original Loudspeaker Feature

Multi-Motion Pivot

The secret of Origin Acoustics’ superior sound staging is our patented MMP™ technology. All of our five series and above loudspeakers can pivot up to thirty-degrees. So regardless of placement restrictions, you can direct the sound right to the listener.

Original Loudspeaker Feature

DPSD™ Tweeter

Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm. A patented tweeter design that improves high-frequency performance, the DPSD™ radiator uses a unique suspension design that prevents distortion, improves dispersion, and increases loudness. The suspension attaches at the voice-coil and the dome’s peak, allowing the driver to be crossed over at a lower frequency. This original design allows the other drivers in the loudspeaker to operate more efficiently, delivering crisp, well-defined audio.

Original Loudspeaker Feature

X-Wave Surround

When a speaker cone reaches its limit of movement and comes to a hard stop, unwanted waves ripple up and down the cone. Our X-Wave Woofer Surround progressively absorbs that impact, preventing unwanted sonic distortion, and improving overall fidelity.

Original Loudspeaker Feature


Surrounding the interior baffle is a precisely molded rubberized insert. Its purpose is to absorb errant frequencies that cause phase distortion. This design enhancement ensures that our long-throw woofers and DPSD™ tweeters are used to their full capabilities.

Original Loudspeaker Feature


We’ve built an authentic three-way loudspeaker for in-ceiling applications The transducers are stacked linearly for precise imaging and elegantly hinged for an extended pivot. Perfect for creating lifelike sound stages from above.

Original Loudspeaker Feature


The Origin Acoustics’ tool-less mounting system doesn’t just make life easier by reducing the time spent on installation by up to 75%, and it allows all of our six and eight-inch loudspeakers fit into the exact same cut-out! Better? We have the only ceiling speaker with a 10″ woofer that fits into existing competitive 8″ woofer cut-outs. Literally more bass in the same space.

We have over 25 models that all install into the same cut-out and mount without tools in seconds.


Advanced Design

All of the patented advancements, high-quality materials, and suburb sound quality we’ve built into our Director Collection are also found through-out our Composer Collection of in-wall loudspeakers. From the pivoting tweeters to the commitment to integrator friendly installation, it’s all here plus more.


SpringLock™ Tool-less Mounting

The Origin Acoustics’ commitment to tool-less quick installation doesn’t end with our Director Collection. With a quarter turn from a coin, fingernail, or screwdriver, the patented SpringLock™ mechanism in the Composer Collection clamps against the inside of the drywall, creating uniform torque at each pressure point. This assures that the baffle will not warp and the integrity of the seal between the baffle and the drywall will remain constant.

We have in-wall options for every occasion, from music to movies.

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