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Please be advised that our Velodyne amplifier repair service is done to the best of our knowledge and ability. However, electronic devices are complex and may have. underlying issues that are not immediately apparent. As such, we cannot guarantee that the repair service will completely resolve the issue with your device if at all. Additionally, the repair may involve disassembling and reassembling the device, which could result in damage to the device or its components. We are not responsible for any such damage that may occur during the repair process. Any further issues or malfunctions that arise with the device after the repair is completed are not covered under any warranty, and we cannot guarantee the functionality or durability of the speaker after the repair is completed. Any changes to the speaker's sound characteristics due to repair, such as slight variations in tone, are a natural result of the repair process and not considered defects. We recommend that you properly package the amplifier when shipping it to us for repair to avoid further damage during shipping, as we will not be responsible for any damage that occurs because of shipping. By using our amplifier repair service, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and release us from any liability associated with the repair service.
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