The Origin Way

You deserve better sounding music. Music that follows you around your home. We work every day to bring you just that. Beautiful, crisp sound regardless of what room you want to live in.

Often non-conventional and borderline insane, we have never stopped being passionate about high fidelity sound. Our team consists of audiophiles, musicians, and the brilliant engineers. We're all aimed towards one goal, giving you the most precise speakers ever made.

People Before Product

We believe in treating our people right. Our clients, our installers, and our employees. We will always give you our best, and foster that environment around us.

Speakers should be heard, not seen

Over forty years ago, our team invented the in-wall speaker by removing room cluttering box speakers off the floor and into the walls.  Today, we strongly believe that music sounds and looks best when it’s hidden from plain sight.

First, or Best

We’ve practically patented our entire speaker. Every component is designed for perfection. You deserve nothing less.

Design the experience

Every product is designed with the full experience in mind. From the second the speaker is installed, to the second it’s turned on, each component of our products is designed for convenience, necessity, and an atmosphere of bliss.

"You see, we live in this industry. We believe that every product you install delivers a life of musical enjoyment and fills a need. A need for great music that disappears elegantly into any environment. As we sit back and look at the industry, it's not passively, it's proactively. We continue to invent, develop, and innovate."

-Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO

Are you, too, looking for harmony?

Take the next step.

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