CE Pro, Project Feature: 10-Zone Outdoor Audio Installation Overcomes Landscape Challenges

New Jersey integrator frayednot installed multiple zones in the backyard and front, creating a convenient and extensive Sonos system for this customer.
…Origin Acoustics Landscape AS41 system of 48 satellite speakers and 12 in-ground subwoofers,
Meanwhile, frayednot enlisting a company like Origin Acoustics for landscape speakers worked out well for the homeowner and integrator alike as the project took hold. In fact, as it seemed near the end, the owner wound up requesting more loudspeakers.
“Our manufacturer relationships (Origin Acoustics) allowed us to have product delivered overnight at one point while we were on site during the end of the project when the customer decided to add additional satellites in some areas during walkthroughs while we were on the tail end of the project,” Sandoukas says.
“This saved so much time for frayednot as well as coordination with the trench crew, machinery and man-hours. Having the ability to have instant conversations with manufacturers, architects and landscape company owners on projects like this are the key to efficiency.”
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