Truth Through Performance

Imagine you invented the modern outdoor landscape category in 1973. Then imagine you spent your career refining your creation. In your mind’s eye, surround yourself with the best engineers in the world, learning, working together side by side. Now, distill all that experience, all that mastery into one loudspeaker.

You would invent the Landscape Ribbon Six, like Jeff Coombs and Ambisonic Systems did.

In Partnership with Ambisonic Systems

Ambisonic Systems, designers of the Landscape Ribbon Six, have partnered with Origin Acoustics to produce the next generation of high-performance landscape loudspeakers. These designs are the culmination of their lifetimes of work.

Weatherized Planar Magnetic Tweeters

Ambisonic Systems’s engineering team has been perfecting high-performance ribbon tweeters for over ten years. They’ve distilled this knowledge into a 2.7″ ribbon tweeter, which you need to hear to believe. Crystal clear, wide dispersion sound with no ear fatigue at high volumes. That’s the hallmark of an LSR6.

Woven Glassfiber Woofers

All Ambisonic Systems loudspeakers use rare earth magnets in their cone style drivers. This combination of notably powerful magnetics and high-quality cone materials resolve beautifully in precise, defined sound.

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