WiiM Pro Plus Streamer

The WiiM Pro Plus is an upgraded version of the popular WiiM Pro audio streamer. The WiiM Pro Plus takes home audio to a new level by offering a more powerful audiophile-grade music quality, now with a premium AKM DAC built-in. The WiiM Pro Plus is designed to significantly enhance audio quality, simplify the streaming system set-up, and reduce the total system cost for music enthusiasts. Users can now enjoy their music collection with high-res audio and modernize their favorite equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying a new setup, additional cables, or an external DAC. 


Differences between the WiiM Pro and the WiiM Pro Plus

Better ADC for Line Input

It uses TI Burr-Brown Audio PCM1861 ADC, achieving up to 192kHz/32-bit digital output, 110 dB SNR. Thus, it provides high-fidelity analog to digital conversion for input from a record player, MP3 player, or TV.


Ultra-low Noise Clock, Power, and Circuit Design

It uses an ultra-low noise clock, power supply, and careful PCB layout to achieve less than –110dB THD+N performance for analog audio output.


AKM DAC and TI OP AMP for Better Line-Out Audio Quality

It features a new generation AKM 4493SEQ premium DAC that is able to achieve a leading level of low distortion and wide dynamic range thanks to AKM’s Velvet Sound Technology. It supports up to 768 kHz PCM, ideal for the latest high-resolution audio source. Achieve 120 dB (A-wt) SNR, THD+N of 0.00032% (-110 dB) from 44.1k to 192k.


What’s in the box:

  • User Guide x1
  • USB Type-C Cable x1
  • USB Power Adapter x1
  • RCA to RCA stereo cable x1
  • Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable x1


All your content in one app

WiiM supports many popular music streaming services in their WiiM Home app with more to come. Or connect to your NAS or local files to stream your favorite music.

Play music everywhere with multi-room audio

Building a wireless multiroom system has never been easier. Group WiiM Mini with other AirPlay 2 speakers, Alexa-enabled devices, or another WiiM Minis to have a multi-room/synchronized audio experience.

Multiple EQ options

Cater to your listening taste by applying multiple EQ options including the 26 preset EQs, bass/treble adjustment, 10-band graphic EQ and parametric EQ.

Simple to set up and use

Automate your routines

Make your life easier by automating your routines. For your sleeping and wake-up routines, create a routine to wake up or fall asleep to your favorite music, station, or podcasts. Or, use your Alexa to create routines.

WiiM Pro Features Video