PROA1000.1 Amplifier

The PROA1000.1 from Origin PRO is a 2-channel 1000 Watt amplifier.


The Origin PRO 2U amps offer a combination of small size and high power per channel flexibility, making them ideal for installing in commercial applications which demand a variety of outputs. The required power can be utilized where needed – with both Hi-Z and Low-Z simultaneously, to fit all needs, and all easily set up through the Web App user interface. Personalize your system to deliver the power required, with 1-2 channels in Hi-Z or Low-Z to cover any room size.


Origin PRO Amplifiers are backed up with a 5-year warranty.



PROA1000 & PROA1200 Amplifiers are 2U Class-D amplifiers, ideal for installer projects that require high-performance, advanced audio output.   Our robust Origin PRO amplifier web app arrives built into the amp, to offer a fully personalized DSP configuration for any audio/voice system in a context requiring the most advanced multi-zone audio setup. Quickly accessed from any device or browser, the Origin PRO interface directly links to the amp’s own Wi-Fi or RJ45 network port, and navigation through the seamless user interface will allow the most complex system to be set up effortlessly in minutes.   State-of-the-art technology makes it a piece of cake to create your unique configurations while efficiently integrating the most demanding audio/voice systems. Capable of reliably handling numerous DSP configurations, while offering an extensive scope of tuning capabilities and features: the app enables multi-zone setup, input mixing, priority and ducking, restriction, input and output EQ, S/PDIF output routing, high-pass filter, speaker management and presets, delay, wall controller configuration, sine generator, and more.

Additional information


2 x Lo-Z/1 x Hi-Z

Output Power @ 2Ω

2 x 500 W (SE)

Output Power @ 4Ω

2 x 500 W (SE) 1 x 1000 W (BTL)

Output Power @ 8Ω

2 x 250 W (SE) 1 x 1000 W (BTL)

Output Power @ 70V

1 x 1000 W (BTL)

Output Power @ 100V

1 x 1000 W (BTL)

Power Consumption

350 W


88 x 440 x 332 mm (3.5 x 17.3 x 13.1 in)


5.9 kg

Output Voltage

130 Vp / 260 Vpp (BTL unloaded), 65 Vp / 130 Vpp (SE unloaded)