"The current you is obsolete! Grow, evolve, and succeed daily."

-Jeremy Burkhardt

Origin Acoustics Founder

In 1976 Origin Acoustics Engineers Ken Humphries and Ed Haase began experimenting. Their goal, to turn the existing structure of your home into a resonance chamber in order to hide unsightly speakers. After extensive research, the architectural speaker was born.

Ken, Ed, and their team went on to innovate and design OEM speakers for Bang and Olufsen, JBL, Polk Audio, as well as many other smaller companies.

Find out more about our journey.

No other speaker company has the insane dedication to whole home audio that Origin Acoustics does. Our founders came out of retirement, just to keep designing better speakers!

It shows. Every component, each material, is painstakingly chosen then expertly combined for a world-class audio experience.

Indulge Your Senses.

With Origin Acoustics installed in your home, you'll never have to trade aesthetics for sound quality. We've designed our speakers to be as functional as they are innocuous. Our grilles have the smallest perforations, making them blend even more. We fit the largest woofers into the smallest cut-outs. This adds loudness and bass without further extending the cut-out size.

You can now enjoy theater quality audio in every room of your home, without disrupting your decor or cutting massive holes in your drywall and ceiling.

Feel free to move around.

Typical in-ceiling and in-wall speakers point one direction. So if you're not standing directly adjacent to sound source, you won't hear your audio clearly. Origin Acoustics aims to solve that problem.

Our ultra-pivot tweeters will find you, no matter where you find yourself. With the most flexibility on the market, you can direct the treble of our speakers into any part of the room, making sure no one misses a beat.

Only the Best.

Origin Acoustics is the best in the world at imagining, developing and producing audio products for the custom installation market. We invented the in-wall speaker and established a path the rest of the industry continues to follow. We have patented numerous innovations that have continuously advanced the category and repeatedly set new standards of performance and reliability. We have identified a market segment that demands the best and we have dedicated our existence to service that need. We demand more of ourselves and our products every single day, and so should you.