DSP3-150 Amplifier

DSP3 Series. 8-Ohm Amplifier featuring 3 channels with optional stereo summing, matrix switching, enclosed in a sleek 2U design and pre-loaded Origin Acoustics DSP settings.

600w Total Power

Matrix Power Switching

PC DSP Editing via USB



More Power, Less Problems.

We completely misnamed the DSP3-150 Amplifier. Why? The amplifier puts out a combined 600w of clean, high fidelity audio. Two channels at 150w and the third clocks in a whopping 300w. This makes that third channel perfect for architectural subwoofers, which often have to sit inline with full-range loudspeakers. Best of all, the preconfigured digital signal processing and in-depth editor allow you to truly dial in a room, regardless of experience with equalization software.

Digitally Enhanced Audio.

Loudspeakers are mechanical devices, a signal goes in, audio comes out. The technology and methods have been refined, but since the beginning, the mechanics remain basically the same. Digital Signal Processing, DSP, has changed everything. Now, regardless of source, your loudspeakers can be digitally contoured to overcome the physical limits of mechanical design. To be clear, we design our products to sound amazing, regardless of the amplifier. But with our engineer calibrated DSP curves, your speakers can literally overcome the laws of physics.

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Analog Input

Unbalanced RCA

Digital Input

Stereo Coaxial, Stereo Optical

DSP Resolution