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Detailed Sound Reproduction.

Your home is unlike any other. The decorum, yours. The music, yours. The movies, yours. You’ve taken to the time to carefully curate an oasis from the hectic world that swirls just beyond the gate. Origin Acoustics is for those moments of escape, the catalyst that truly transports you.

More Bass. Less Space.

The Director Collection brings your space to life. Whether it’s movies, music, or gaming you’ll feel like you’re right there, even though the speakers are above your head. Our dedication to loudspeaker design has allowed us to produce best in class low-end from your ceiling. So, you’ll always hear the fullest, deepest tones as well as crystal clear treble frequencies. Best of all our wide-dispersion design and pivoting diaphragms allow Origin Acoustics in-ceiling loudspeakers to aim directly at your sweet spot, where ever that might be.

Refined for All Media.

Designed with living rooms in mind, the Composer Collection transforms your audio. Even in the largest areas, these loudspeakers have the power to keep everyone engrossed. With music, detailed and crisp highs compliment smooth lows for a true audiophile grade experience. Once installed, people won’t believe you have such astonishing audio without massive loudspeakers eating up your floor space.

Hover to see behind the grille.

A Bear on TV An Bear on TV

Practically Invisible.

Every Origin Acoustics speaker hides behind an acoustically transparent, micro-perforated grille. They can be painted any color, and will simply disappear into your ceilings and walls. There when you need it, practically invisible when you don’t.

Easy Installation.

Since Origin Acoustics audio products are only available through an authorized integrator, we make sure our people are the best in the world. Our sales team personally vets each company that offers our products. This ensures that every install is smooth, clean, and results in superb audio quality. Best of all, you won't have to lift a finger.

Take The Next Step.

Our goal is provide world-class service. If you're ready for the best, we can't wait to work with you.

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