Dedicated Architectural Audio.

Does your sound systems dominate your home's look? We’ve designed the Director In-Ceiling and Composer In-Wall speakers for you. Developed by the engineers who invented the entire category of architectural audio, these speakers will fill your whole home with balanced and clear sound from seemingly nowhere.

More Bass, Less Space.

The Director Collection provides the most bass and the cleanest stereo imaging in the smallest footprint of any in-ceiling speaker. This is due to Origin Acoustics’ dedication to designing speakers that sound better when you cannot see them. Each of our refinements was developed to enhance your listening experience without sacrificing any of your home’s aesthetics.

Refined Over Forty Years.

The Composer Collection provides more low-end and crisper high-end than any other speakers in their size and class. The pivoting tweeters direct important high-frequencies directly to your ear, not aimlessly around the room like other in-wall installations. Since these are Origin Acoustics speakers, you know they have been held to the highest standards and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Hover to see behind the grille.

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Practically Invisible.

Every Origin Acoustics speaker hides behind an acoustically transparent, micro-perforated grille. They can be painted any color, and will simply disappear into your ceilings and walls. There when you need it, practically invisible when you don’t.

Easy Installation.

Since Origin Acoustics audio products are only available through an authorized integrator, we make sure our people are the best in the world. Our sales team personally vets each company that offers our products. This ensures that every install is smooth, clean, and results in superb audio quality. Best of all, you won't have to lift a finger.

Take The Next Step.

Our goal is provide world-class service. If you're ready for the best, we can't wait to work with you.

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