Origin Acoustics Theater Design Services

Origin Acoustics has teamed with Artnovion Acoustics to introduce a comphrehensive theater design service.

Why do I need sound treatment?

Even with the best speakers, the room you install them in will invariably change and color the sound. That is why proper absorption and diffusion is critical. With Artnovion's easy theater design service, you can tastefully enhance any space for truly better acoustics.

Artnovion combines the tradition of European design with the best of 21st-century technology. A convenient smartphone app will acoustically map your listening area, and our team of dedicated audio engineers will interpret that data into a blueprint for your beautifully designed theater.

Listen Without Sound Treatment.

Listen With Sound Treatment.

Not only for home theaters.

Everyroom in your home could benefit from sonic treatment. Proper room treatment will not only improve the sound quality of the room, but will help isolate each room acoustically. Artnovion's panels come in every color and style imaginable, so you'll have no issues matching your existing decor.

Why Artnovion?

Because Artnovion believes that less is more, they take every aspect of product optimization seriously. All their products have been conceived to deliver the best performance in every facet of the product cycle, from production to packing and shipping.

Artnovion panels are not only beautiful and available in over thirty colors, their unique design creates isolated air cavities that not only optimize shipping but also provide 20% better acoustic performance. With Artnovion you will only have to choose the product line that fits in your environment and it will always perform at its best.

Listener Satisfaction

With Artnovion and Origin Acoustics, there has never been a more convenient way to transform your listening area. Artnovion's beautiful panels can match any design or layout, and Origin's speakers simply disappear into the walls and ceilings, leaving your home or business looking and sounding amazing without sacrificing aesthetic or audio quality.

Explore Some of Our Popular Panels.

With over 1000 color and style combinations and the ability to print custom panels, Artnovion acoustic room treatments can be customized to enhance literally any space. Feel free to check out our most popular styles, or contact us for the entire catalog.

Artnovion and Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustic Design Services are currently available exclusively through our team of amazing professional integrators. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied and know that the installation will be done quickly and correctly. If you would like to purchase Artnovion panels or Origin speakers, please feel free to reach out to us.

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