Architectural Subwoofers

In-Ceiling Subwoofers

More Bass, Less Space.

The Origin Acoustics in-ceiling subwoofer delivers room-shaking bass while remaining out of sight. As it was developed by the engineers at Origin Acoustics, you know it’s reliable and contains only the finest materials

Anatomy of an Origin In-Ceiling Subwoofer.

Two polypropylene woofers sit across from one another inside of the subwoofer cabinet. As a result, the output is enhanced while distortion and cabinet vibrations are significantly reduced

Our subwoofer uses the original quick installing tool-less mounting system. So it’s also compatible with our reusable new construction brackets and traditional construction brackets. As a result, it’s the easiest to install in-ceiling subwoofer on the market.

Origin Acoustics in-ceiling subwoofer contains a passive crossover that isolates low-frequency response within the subwoofer while passing off the appropriate mid and high frequencies to the surrounding satellite speakers.

In-Wall Subwoofers

All Aluminum.

From the cabinet to the heat dispersing front plate, we designed our in-wall subwoofers for aluminum from the ground up.

Anatomy of an Origin In-Wall Subwoofer.

We use high-grade aluminum everywhere we can due to its highly efficient thermal conductivity properties, sturdiness from vibration, ease of installation, and space maximizing density. Aluminum has proven to be twelve times stiffer than traditional fiberboard (MDF) producing a crisp rattle free experience.

In order to rid the in-wall subwoofer of disruptive vibrations, the cabinets are lined with shock-absorbent foam that makes the Composer In-Wall subs capable of taking in up to 500-Watts of power unfazed. The resulting bass is louder with preserved fidelity and smooth clarity

Origin Acoustics In-Wall Subwoofers are marked with an aluminum faceplate that acts as a heat-sink which helps remove unwanted heat and allows the woofer cone to complete its movement with maximum linearity.

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The Origin Acoustics Advantage

A blend of incredible sound quality and artistic design is what sets the loudspeakers at Origin apart. Having created the first, modern, in-wall speaker in 1976, the team at Origin has spent decades perfecting the concept. Today you can enjoy the result of this effort as we apply the most advanced technologies and materials to recreate music with unparalleled fidelity. The ability to fit larger speakers in smaller spaces and then pivot the speaker to focus the sound at the listening area are only two of the many innovations our engineers have pioneered. All of this happens behind a discreet grille that blends into your décor and delivers incredible sonic performance that appears to originate from thin air. Fill your life with the finest music and be confident in the fact that your speakers will continue to do so for years to come.